Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Nature, the Best Teacher

I stand fluttery
Like a spring tree full of leaves
My thoughts new,
Fresh, green, exciting
I don't want to let them go
I want to revel in them, indulge in them

Like summer leaves the thoughts grow
Bigger, stronger, darker, fouler
Not so pure and innocent anymore
But the sun beams down, relentless
I stand lit up - good, bad and ugly

Under my mistakes I stand burdened
Like a fall tree full of its bloody leaves
But time goes on, and the leaves soften
Tender, thoughtful, ripe and wise

I let go of my thoughts, one by one
First the lightest ones,
Then the willing ones,
The winds blow some right off

And then there's none left
I stand naked, straight and tall
Soaking in the winter sun,
The soft warmth, the golden light.