Friday, July 12, 2013

Not Just Veggies in my Garden

Some fun things that "grow" in my garden...

A tiny temple? Or a smallish Stonehenge?

A non-Nest of non-Eggs

Hens and Chicks: a family portrait

The Red Roof Inn in a pot

Monday, July 1, 2013

Grand Bazaar Giveaway! Jul 1-9

I'm still stunned that I got picked to be part of this, but offered to include one of my Etsy photographs as part of their annual giveaway raffle! They picked my Glowing Lotus photograph:
Enter to Win - Glowing Lotus - black and white and pink - bumble bee - meditation spa - original zen / floral photography - wall art - 8x10

And I think my photo fits right in with their theme of the Grand Bazaar Giveaway featuring 11 handcrafted items from Etsy artists. The winner wins all 11 prizes!

To enter, visit: