Sunday, January 19, 2014

Mid-winter Blues (poem)

Winter Woods - blue violet sky - tree trunks - halloween - spooky - original nature photography - wall art - 5x7
Christmas is gone, the snow is all melted
Everywhere I see is bleak, bare and brown
It's enough to make a woman go blue
God, all I need is a bit of color and some cheer.

And then I see a blob of white -
The neighbor's cat sunning itself;
And when I looked out my window
Fluffy white clouds are sailing across the sky;
And as I drive along the country roads
The setting sun bronzed the tips of the bare apple trees;
And then I heard the chattering as they flew home,
Of millions of starlings rustling their shimmery wings;
And finally, as dusk closed in
The horizon shushed softly in palest pinks and prettiest blues.

Blues? What blues?
The lovely blues of the sky?
The puffy whites of the clouds and the cat?
The blushing pinks of the apple trees at sunset?
The softest pastels of the quietly falling dusk?
It was enough to make a woman smile!
And not stop smiling...



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    1. Thank you! Always happy to see you stop by :)

  2. are marvelous! Sometimes I think that we are kindred spirits...please keep sharing
    Love & Joy,

    1. And maybe we are Diane! Thank you for your lovely comment :)